About Our Shop

Divine Flowers and Gifts carries the most unique but affordable arrangements in the Dayton, Ohio area! Family-owned and family-staffed, we value every custom who calls and we give them only the best experience.


Our Story:


Divine Flowers & Gifts is a faith-based and family-owned business whose story starts off with a loss. Mother (& grandma), Daisy Baker, passed away many years ago and left behind Iris plants in her personal garden. Store-owner and daughter of Daisy, Sheri, dug up the Irises and planted them in her own garden. Only a few Iris plants soon grew into many. Flash forward a few years and the Irises are still flourishing and we have a floral shop to seal the deal. And of course, we only thought it would be right if the Iris was our logo too. Needless to say, Grandma Daisy would be proud. The original Irises have a home on the family farm of 6 acres located in New Carlisle, Ohio. Someday, we hope to finish making a venue there which will be known as The Farm at Iris Hill.


Here at Divine Flowers, our vision is to create high-quality arrangements and deliver amazing customer service to every one of our customers. Every customer has their own personal story, whether they are purchasing flowers for a special occasion, loss, wedding, or as an encouragement to someone else, we want to honor and respect their story by offering assistance, understanding, and even excitement.


Stop in or shop today so that we can create your own divine arrangement wrapped with lasting memories.