Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is a holiday of love, which means friends, family, and even pets are included! Good thing we put together a gift guide for our store! This will help you get an idea of the selections we have.

Fresh Flowers: 

We have arrangements, one-of-a-kind offers, bouquets, single stem flowers, and rose petals. Arrangements make a statement while single stem flowers may be good for a friend or daughter. But if you want to skip the flowers altogether, try petals instead! They make a dinner night out or a date night at home even more romantic. Or simply put the petals in a bath and treat yourself!


We have a local candy maker (Chocolates by Vicki) as a vendor in our shop and they make such great gifts! With a very large variety to choose from, you're bound to find your loved one's favorite. And did we mention that they're highly affordable? For most of these treats, you'll be .50 cents to $1.00! You can find the candy up by the registers in our shop.

Baked Goods:

Okay, maybe candy isn't unique enough for this special person in your life. Try baked goods instead! We have a new bakery vendor in our shop that specializes in cookie kits, cupcakes, cookies, bread loaves, and more. Again, highly affordable and oh-so-delicious!


We have a variety of jewelry in our store, from $5.00 jewelry with Paparazzi, vintage handmade jewelry, and pieces from Divine Flowers and Gifts it is easier than ever to pair jewelry with any of these gifts or to gift on its own. 


Perfect for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or child, a plush animal is something they can hold onto forever! We have a wide variety of plush in our store and online all at different price points and sizes.


We have card making vendors in our store as well, making it easy to pair with any gift item.

Stop in for even more unique gifts, listed below:

— Spa and relaxation products

— Candles and wax melts

— Bath bombs, hand soaps, soap bars, and more bath products

— Handcrafted handbags, purses, totes, and more

— Handcrafted wood signs and home decor

— Child clothing, baby clothing, teething toys, hair bows, and more

— Original paintings from artists

— Books


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